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Simons Town School is a combined school providing schooling from Grade R to Grade 12 on the same premises.

Founded in 1815, the school is the fifth oldest school in the Western Cape and the oldest in the Cape Peninsula.

Who we are

Simon's Town School Mission Statement

Founded in 1815, the school is the fifth oldest school in the Western Cape and the oldest in the Cape Peninsula.

Located at the foot of the Simonsberg mountains and overlooking False Bay Harbour, Simon’s Town School is one of the most scenically-located schools in South Africa.  

Grade R to Grade 12

Simons Town School is a combined school providing schooling from Grade R to Grade 12 on the same premises.

Our Focus

In an atmosphere of mutual respect, we are committed to creating opportunities for every learner to develop

Simon's Town

Simon’s Town School is built on seven different levels and offers one of the finest views in the world.

In an atmosphere of mutual respect, we are committed to creating opportunities for every learner to develop to the full; mentally, physically and spiritually. We strive to foster initiative, individuality and integrity and cultivate a creative approach to life’s challenges so that our learners will make a meaningful contribution as adult members of the community.


Educational Growth

What People SAy ABout Us

Simon’s Town School 210th Birthday

Well Established School

Happy 210th birthday, Simon's Town School! As we celebrate two centuries and a decade of excellence in education, we honour the legacy of countless students, teachers, and staff who have contributed to our rich history. May this milestone be a reminder of our enduring commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a community of learning and growth. Here's to many more years of shaping bright futures and making a positive impact on the world. May your dedication to cultivating a creative approach to life's challenges inspire a generation of learners who will make meaningful contributions as adult members of the community.

Picture of Reg Taylor's

Reg Taylor's

Past Year Learner

Dedicated Staff

Happy 210th birthday to our beloved school! May it continue to be a center of knowledge, growth, and inspiration for generations to come. My vision for our school for 2025 is to be a thriving and dynamic learning community where every student feels empowered to reach their full potential. To have a strong focus on academic excellence, while also nurturing the social and emotional development of our students. To foster a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusivity, where every member of our school community feels valued and supported. Through strong partnerships with parents and the community, to create a positive and enriching environment for all.

Picture of Erin LeRoux's

Erin LeRoux's

Past Year Learner

Desire To Achieve

Happy 210th Birthday Simon’s Town school !!! A school I have been privileged to have given service for 28 years , as well as been a past student . Our learners have so much potential and I am so proud of our past achievements and those to come . We are a nurturing school but more a family and we will continue to Make Simon’s Town school a place where all our learners feel safe and a home away from home . With the support from our Community and past students . We would like to see our school grow from stength to strength. Keeping up our past legacy of a school of dedication , hardwork and excellence not only academically but in extra - murals and other co- curricular activities.

Picture of Candice Codrai's

Candice Codrai's

Goals for 2025

Highly professional and dedicated team of educators

The primary section boasts a highly professional and dedicated team of educators. They all have many years of service and are experienced educators. Since the primary section was not affected by the redeployment process, a positive and enthusiastic atmosphere prevailed.


Candice Codrai's Vision/ Goals for 2025

Our school constantly shows how much potential we have, both staff and learners. My wish is that this potential grows exponentially and that we receive the accolades that we deserve.

I, as a teacher at our school, will continue to strive to achieve this. Every child deserves to be given every opportunity to reach or achieve their true worth. I will continue to challenge our learners so that they become productive citizens of our country and fulfill whatever dream they have big or small.

My wish is that our learners realize how important education is to their future and to strive to give of their best.

School Fees 2024

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WHAT Activities WE OFFER

All Simon's Town School Activities

Simon’s Town School offers a wide range of activities for its students. From sports teams to academic clubs, there is something for every interest.


We offer a variety of track and field events, including sprints, relays, high jump, long jump, shot put, and more


Our chess school offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn and improve your skills in the game of chess.


Joining the school choir is a fantastic way to explore your musical interests, make new friends.


We strive for excellence both on and off the field. Our team practices to ensure that we are always at our best


Our school cycling program is a fun way to get active and stay fit while learning important bike safety skills.


Our drama program offers a unique opportunity for students to explore their creativity and develop their confidence.


We place a strong emphasis on teamwork, communication, and good sportsmanship, both on and off the court.


With dedicated coaches and passionate players, we strive for excellence both in our rugby skills and our sportsmanship.


Hard work and dedication, our players have consistently demonstrated the values of teamwork and sportsmanship

L Harrison


Our Team

Principal’s Address

We welcome you to Simon’s Town School’s website, but more importantly to a school of excellence that places a high value on its learners and in inspiring and educating the next generation(s) of learners and leaders.

Our school is an institution of inspired teaching, with dedicated staff who prepare learners to become active and productive participants in the community. Our highly experienced teachers form a dedicated and caring team that is committed to providing an educational experience to prepare our learners for the future.

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Harrington Rd, Simon’s Town

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Monday to Friday 7:30am – 3:00pm